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Very Short History

Plumstead Common Methodist

 Sometime in 1830 – 1833  Mrs Artfill opened her cottage for preaching. It was opposite the lower end of Plum Lane .

In 1842 Ebenezer Chapel was built  as a Congregational Chapel, opposite the end of Bloomfield Road. In 1846 the lease was bought by the Methodists.


In 1861 permission was given to erect a new building at the top of Burrage Road .

It cost £3,953 11s. 2d to build.

Wesleyan Chapel

Worship started in July 1863, and it was officially opened on Friday  23 October 1863

 Ebenezer continued to be used for Sunday School and Youth work until sometime in the 1930’s when the hall was built behind the church.

Then came the war - 1940 



View from front entrance                                                            VIew from Burrage Road

 during demolition in  1949,  unfortunately dry rot had got into the timber.

The Hall was used for every activity after the war damage it received had been repaired


Finally rebuilding started: the Church was completed in 1969, part of the funding came from the sale of Robert Street and Herbert Road churches, hence Trinity . 
Cost of rebuild £42,500

Part of the agreement was to open as a Youth and community centre  with part funding of £15,711 coming from the Department of Education. Official opening 12 May 1973.     Cost of rebuild £27,000

Our present situation - the congregation is frequently too large for the seating in the church so we are looking for some alterations to increase the size of the worship area from around 120 seats to 200. We have some plans and  all the permissions we need, but definitely not enough money to cover the cost

The estimated cost of the extension will be about £400,000.

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